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Reliable and Safe non-emergency medical transportation vehicles are designed to allow you to travel to your dialysis, medical visits & appointments in a timely fashion and comfort.

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Medical Transportation

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Ken Transportation

Non-emergency medical transportation or vehicles are for patients with medical conditions that render them unstable or unfit for regular traveling. Ken Transportation provides medical transportation to patients when they need medical appointments or have mobility issues that makes regular or conventional traveling not an option for them.

Ken Transportation provides solutions to these dilemmas by offering alternative means of transportation – Non-emergency Medical Transportation. We also offer transportation assistance services for our customers who need extra pairs of hands in order to ensure that they arrive safely to their destination.

We Provide Transportation To Destinations Like:

  • Dialysis Centers
  • Doctor’s Appointments
  • Dental Appointments
  • Non Emergency Hospital visits
  • Chemotherapy Appointments
  • Wound Clinics
  • Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation Appointments
  • Travel Home After Hospital Discharge